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The def keyword

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The following class example is from the javafx tutorial. Chapter1.
Take a look at the def keyword. What does it mean? When was it added?
Thank you.

<br />
    class Rectangle {</p>
<p>     def sides: Integer = 4;<br />
     var width: Integer;<br />
     var height: Integer;</p>
<p>     function grow(): Void {<br />
          grow(1);<br />
<p>     function grow(amount: Integer): Void {<br />
          width += amount;<br />
          height += amount;<br />
<p>}<br />

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I got this from the doco:

The def keyword introduces a variable that cannot be assigned to, overridden, or set in an object literal; a def can be bound, however, making it not a true constant



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Yes it has been added recently in Build #2301 (Jul 23, 2008 11:32:09 PM)
Fixed JFXC-607: Variables defined using 'def' should be not be assignable

Thank you for your response.