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Can't get any jain-sip application to work

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Hi everyone,

I got my Mobicents SIP server up an running. Connected with Ekiga, registered, didn't try to talk but the register was success enough for me for now.

Now I want to write an own application (or even better an Java applet) that connects to the SIP server. I tried the JAIN SIP applet phone from
Error message:

If this is the wrong forum, just move the thread please, thanks.

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jain sip applet phone work has been stopped for a long time. I know that Mosiuoa Tsietsi has taken over the project. Try to get in contact with him
At first sight it seems that you miss some classes in your classpath. (See Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:


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Im not sure if there is jain-sip forum, try contacting Authors

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