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how to use domain name instead of Ip address in reg & call in Jain Slee

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Joined: 2008-09-12

Hi all,

I am new to Jain Slee, I have gone through the call controller and I used it, using ip address for calling and registering, for example (in LAN) where as the server ip Address is

But I need to use, because in pratical situation my friend know my identifier( not my current ipAddress(harish@

So how can I solve the above issue. In Sip servlet there are using servlet context but it will load the JVM when there are large number of user(say around 10,000).
In Jain Slee is there is any solution to solve the issue, please give me some solution.

Thanks in Advance.

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Joined: 2005-10-10

that's why registrar exists, when you register a binding between your adress of record and real contact address is stored, so if your friend sends a call to the proxy the service will automatically forward it to you, using your real address