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JavaFX embeddable in the browser like Javascript?

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Joined: 2007-08-11

Hi all,
i am making a review of RIA frameworks for a RIA applications i am planning to develop in one year.
I would like to know if and how i could embed JavaFX Scripts in a html document as we usually do with javascript.

example 1: Can i write something like this with JavaFX scripts

Example 2: Can i access the browser (window) content at runtime and manage it using JavaFx like with Javascripts: window.forms[0].combobox[countries].selected = cameroon

I hope you understand how deep i want the integration to be. This may requires the browser to be able the execute JavaFX Scripts, not only delegating it to applets.
I will be very gratefull for any answers.

I cup of Java to all

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Joined: 2008-08-08

I don't think so. JavaFX will be compiled and therefore will be running like an applet. It won't have access to the browser and document properties.