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Blocklist (show navigation can't be customised)

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Joined: 2008-01-06

Working with a Blocklist and i don't want to see the previous and next button what should i do ?
I have tried editing the component.js and tried to play with the arg variable and no show yet

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Joined: 2003-07-31

If you look in the /resources/jmaki/blockList/component.htm you should be able to change it.

You could also copy the component.htm to another name in the same directory customcomponent.htm and use the template property to use a different template for different instances.



args="{count:3, showNavigation: false}" value="[
{title : 'jMaki Project Home', link : '', description : 'Where to go for the latest jMaki.' },
{title : 'jMaki Widgets Home', link : '', description : 'The source for the latest jMaki widgets.' },
{title : 'jMaki-Charting Home', link : '', description : 'Enables complex charts rendered on the client in any modern browser.' }" />