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Relative path on web applications?

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I have a web application, that has a couple of packages. One of the packages has only wsdl files. From another package, I need to access this wsdl file in order to call a web service. I have the following code line:
url = new URL(baseUrl, "file:../../wsdl/PackagerEndpoint.wsdl");
However this only works in console application, because in console application I know that when I call this code, the relative path is at the class file which belongs to the above mentioned code. But when I try to do the same in a web application, I can't seem to find out where the relative path is at, when I call this line of code. Unfortunately the exception doesn't tell me either. I've tried
but this didn't really help either.

Can someone tell me where the relative path starts when I call this code in a web application? (I can only get it to work with absolute path now)

Thank you in advance!


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If the file you're trying to open is bundled in your web app, and the code that needs to access the file is executed in a servlet or JSP, you could try starting with getServletContext().getRealPath("somefile"). That should point you in the right direction.

If your wsf file is packaged in a JAR that's in the runtime classpath, you could try someClass.getResourceAsStream("somefile"). This puts the job of finding the file on the ClassLoader.

Joined: 2008-09-13

Thank you for your answer!

Unfortunately I can't do it the way you said. I'm not using a servlet or a JSP, only a web service. However there is a package in this very same project, which has a wsdl file, and I can't find it using relative path in my web service web application.
In a normal java application it works, however if I try this same thing on web app, it doesn't. And here is the part I don't understand about it:
If I write ../../wsdl/somefile.txt in the normal java application (and let's say I mistyped the address), then the exception tells me exactly where it's trying to look (with full path). But if I do this in a web app, then it just says: "unable to find file at: ../../wsdl/somefile.txt", and it doesn't even give me the full path it's trying to find the file at.