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ZK 3.5 Supports Comet Server Push!

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ZK is Ajax framework. 100% Java, no JavaScript. With event-driven, 170+ components, and markup languages, development as simple as programming desktops and authoring HTML/XUL pages. ZK supports JSF, JSP, J2EE, and scripting in Java, Ruby, Groovy...

  • Comet Server Push is enabled which allows developer to create Web application in a new way.
  • The layout of all ZK components are upgraded to a brand-new style, more responsive, and more interactive.
  • Grouping Grid and Listbox is designed display data in an intuitive way.
  • More Layout Components - Portallayout, Columnlayout, and Tablelayout are introduced to satisfy various requirements of UI design.
  • A Powerful Container Component - Panel is introduced with more functionalities.
  • Tabbox is much enhanced with scrolling features, and more molds.
  • The concept of moldSclass is introduced to customize layout of ZK components with ease.
  • Spinner and Fisheyebar component is introduced.
  • Chart supports Gannt Chart, Watermap Chart, Bubble Chart, Wind Chart.
  • A convenient mechanism to monitor the performance of Web application.
  • Fulfill Event is enhanced with URI Expression, and onFulfill Event.
  • Iframe supports Bookmark management.
  • Event Supports subscribe/publish Mechanism.
  • ZUML Supports switch/case and choose/when
  • See also New Features of ZK 3.5.

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Looks cool - loads of widgets. Anyone know of any tutorials on how to use ZK with StreamHub Comet Server?

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ZK likes to compare themselves to ICEfaces, but when it comes to Ajax Push-Comet, they simply do not match up. I recently did an assessment of ZK's Ajax Push capabilities compared to ICEfaces. You can read about it here.