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optional JSRs license

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So far i've tried to search the forums for a possible answer to my problem, but not having found a viable one i have decided to post a separate thread.

We are developing a free (but closed source) application for mobile phones using SVG. Trouble is not a lot of phones have JSR226 (some, for instance, have only native support), so i packaged the jsr226 implementation in the phoneME feature project in a jar used when there is no jsr226 available on the VM.

Now that JAR has to packaged along with the rest of the MIDlet, so the whole thing does not fall under classpath exception. Are the optional JSRs licensed differently from the rest of phoneME ? (i've heard that on another thread, but it wasn't too explicit)

Also i understand that phoneME is dual-licensed, and one can obtain a commercial license. If that is the case, how can we do that ?

Thanks in advance,

Andrei V.

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Sorry for the slow reply on this topic. Before answering I needed to confirm my interpretation of the situation. I am not a lawyer so please do not consider this legal advice but my interpretation is that your MIDlet would be subject to the copyleft properties of the GPLv2 which phoneME and the JSR 226 implementation is licensed under. By adding GPLv2 JSR 226 code to your MIDlet you are creating a derived work and the entire work would have to be made available under GPLv2.

You could obtain a commercial license of phoneME in order to get the JSR 226 code under a commercial license but in your particular case I don't think that would be advisable since you only need 226 support. I would suggest to use a 3rd party SVG/226 library such as TinyLine (

Hope this helps. Sorry again for the slow reply.


-- Terrence

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I am not sure if this is the right place; however is it possible to include the Sun's jsr226 implementation in the build for windows mobile5. I do not need it to be open sourced.