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runMidlet on Linux i386

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Hello All,

I have successfully compiled phoneME feature MR3 on Linux. When I am running usertest bash file. It is showing me appmanager(working properly).

But when I tried to invoke any other jad/jar file.
./emulator /home/user/NetBeansProjects/HelloWorld/dist/HelloWorld.jad

I am getting following error.
Could not find the first MIDlet
The MIDlet suite could not be run.

if I issue...
./emulator -1 /home/user/NetBeansProjects/HelloWorld/dist/HelloWorld.jad

then I am getting following exception
Error while opening storagejava.lang.ClassNotFoundException: .home.user.NetBeansProjects.HelloWorld.dist.HelloWorld/jad
- java.lang.Class.forName(), bci=0
- .unknown..newInstance(), bci=1
- com.sun.midp.midlet.MIDletStateHandler..unknown.(), bci=63
- com.sun.midp.midlet.MIDletStateHandler..unknown.(), bci=17
- com.sun.midp.midlet.MIDletStateHandler.startSuite(), bci=24
- .unknown...unknown.(), bci=39
- .unknown...unknown.(), bci=5
- .unknown...unknown.(), bci=132
- com.sun.midp.main.MIDletSuiteLoader.main(), bci=12

but when I set MIDP_HOME environment variable I am getting following error
Not enough memory message.

Please note, I have created a binary emulator instead of runMidlet.

Kindly guide me if I am missing something.

Thanks in advance.

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Joined: 2007-05-23

I found that, to run the Midlet we have to pass following arguments

./emulator jarFilePath MidletToRun

With this I am able to run specified midlet.

But how can I show the list of midlets(As shown when we invoke istalled midlet from Appmanager) present in jar file?

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Joined: 2007-05-23

Its not possible by sending command line options.

Current phoneME implementation runs first midlet.