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j2me+windows mobile

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Can anyone please tell,if we can develop an application in j2me such that only this application runs on Windows mobile with full screen and the user should not be able to access the native applications of Windows Mobile, not even during phone calls , or battery flat, etc.


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No JavaME is not designed to be some omnipresent application, to mandate it's will over a device.
That's more of what a virus or malware does.... not really the kind of thing we do here in the Java space. :)

However if you can write a WinMo native app to take control of the device and launch a predetermined application killing off all others that try to raise up. Then I think it is possible.

However if you had a LInux device you could totally control that, and regulate what was and wasn't allowed to run. Oh yeah, Linux we can get the source, and mod it and do all sorts of cool things....
Windows it a proprietary platform which is the omnipresent app. :)

Good luck

Joined: 2008-09-10

Thanks Shawn.
I have come across some solution which says that I can develop an application in the native language of Windows Mobile and lock down all other applications using it and run my J2me application from this application.
Still I am confused whether this native application will allow J2me application to run or do they mean that application level Software should be in Native language only.


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Hi. I'm developing a CDC J2ME Application for Windows Mobile, I'm using websphere MicroEnvironment, I like to disable the close button of windows mobile. How could I do that?