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REG: Application selection and composition in SLEE

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Hi ,

We were trying to do some samples on SLEE like call barring and call forwarding .I was able to test these samples.Thanks for the documentation.

Now ,I have one query on application selection and composition. If i have some 2 to 3 independent services like CallBarring and CallForwarding etc. If i have to develop a composite service combining these availbale independent services , what is the standard procedure ?

From the samples and the documnetation we understood that we can have service.xml where we can define the order of invoking these services with priority etc. But here we cannot include Business Logic inbetween . Its like invocation of series of independent services. Is this the only procedure to combine to develop a composite service or do we any other procedure .

The idea working behind this is to make services like callbarring and callforwarding as reusable components . Use them in another higher level service as basic components.

Please suggest me whether i can achieve such a compositon if so how can i achieve it.

Thanks & Regards

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Joined: 2005-10-10

Do each app in a separated SBB and its own JAIN SLEE service, then if you want to combine them create another SBB (and JAIN SLEE service) that defines all the others as child SBBs, with the business logic, which whenever wants the event to be processed by a child all it does is attach the right child to the ACI where the event is being delivered. Of course, in this case you don't deploy|activate the other JAIN SLEE services. An alternative, using shared ACI flags, is explored in the example call-controller2 (