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where is jsr 75 code?

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I am going to find jsr 75 reference code. but I did not find it root of cvs repository just like jsr 135 and jsr 120. Who know where is it?

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I too would like to know how to get source for some components which are present in MR3 release such as jsr 75, javacall-com, jsr256 , jsr205 , jsr205, jsr226.

Is the licensing/TCK issue still restrictive to put source in SVN for above mentioned components ?


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Correct, all these JSRs are not owned by Sun. The javacall-com component contains porting layer API and its implementations for such JSRs. The contents of javacall-com essentially belongs to these JSRs, so it cannot be accessible in open source - actually, this is the only reason to have two components (javacall and javacall-com) instead of just one.
So, unfortunately, you can get the sources that you mentioned only in source bundles (like


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Specifically for JSR 75, I have sent an email to the PalmSource and IBM spec leads asking
them if it would be possible for the open source community to make builds and patches
available without the strict requirement to always pass the TCK tests and other restrictions
that Sun has to comply with, but thus far no reply.