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Installation problems

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Joined: 2008-09-08

Hi there,

I downloaded the Mobicents Tomcat server package, runs nice, at least it seems to do so.
Now it says I have to register. Started Ekiga (only SIP app installed) and added an account in the Ekiga account options. It says "registration failed". In the lots of output messages from Tomcat one line drew my attention:
Shouldn't the REGISTER command be allowed as well? How do I enable it?

Whatever, I read something about deploying packages and so on. But I can't even get to the Mobicents Management Console (MMC). http://localhost:8080/sip-servlets-management/ just shows four clickable entries (view source, save, logs and errors and help), and only clicking the last one results in a response. The nice-to-look demo video of the MMC remains a mystery to me. How do I get to the full console, what do I have to install?

I've read all the documentations, install instructions and forum threads more than once, but I can't figure out how to get the example up and running. Therefore, any help would be appreciated...

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This line here "Allow: INVITE,ACK,OPTIONS,BYE,CANCEL,NOTIFY,REFER,MESSAGE" - dont worry about it. I think it's generated by Ekiga, Ekiga itself does not allow incoming REGISTER requests, but it is capable of sending REGISTER requests. Make sure your registrar is set to "localhost:5080".

What browser do you use to load http://localhost:8080/sip-servlets-management/? Have you modified you file? If you have make sure you don't have syntax errors.

Joined: 2008-09-08

Everything works now. Was exactly as you said - wrong registrar, modified file. Thanks!