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java mobile applications

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Hi , Is there any applications or any websites (via online , like 'media-convert') for java mobiles to covert .exe files to .jar files ??? Please help me ........

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Joined: 2004-03-04


Are you talking about converting Windows executables (*.exe) to *.jar files? That doesn't make a whole lot of sense ...

-- Terrence

Joined: 2003-06-15

Not that I've heard of. However it isn't over difficult to make.
Really all you need is a sample media player sample and read the file as a resourcestream from the jarfile.

The usefulness of this seems a bit limited. You should be able to put your media on the device and use the internal player. Maybe you are looking more for something to convert to a common standard so the mobile device can use it? If so the format you most likely want to convert to is H.263 128k AMR encoding. While there is H.264 encoding that is supposed to give better images for video I find that H.263 is more widely supported and performs better. The 128k audio encoding gives you better audio and performance when using H.263

Hope that helps.