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Java JDK 7 b34 and heavyweigth components

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Joined: 2008-08-31

Hello everyone,

recently i updated to JDK 7 project running for windows. I also use netbeans IDE 6.1. My aim was to resolve a problem that i had combining JDIC in JInternalFrame that shows up in a JDesktopPane. With JDK 6 i was facing : loading problems,grey windows and such. With JDK 7 i dont have this problem because it is intended to give a solution on "heavyweight (awt) in lightweight (swing) components" ""problem"".

Now, my problem is moving the JInternalFrame inside the JDesktopPane. It is too slow and actually you can see the rendering of the window border, especially by using additional java libraries such Visual Library 2.0 , JDIC and OpenOffice.Org SDK 2.4.0.

Has anyone else encountered such issues?

Excuse me for my writing skill is not very good. Please anyone can advice me!

Thanks in advance for your time to read,
Dimoklis Despotakis.