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MyUniPortal 2.2 released!

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Joined: 2005-10-10

MyUniPortal 2.2 version was released today. It has an embedded browser, Video Viewing, Video Capture, 2D & 3D Mapping, Search and much more. It utilizes Web Services built upon JAXWS and J2SE. Targeted for the educational community it is a superportal that has mashups to a degree never seen before on the internet.

Recently added mapping features even Google, Yahoo or Microsoft do not provide and all for free with no advertisements!

Only Portal on the planet that mixes heavyweight and lightweight components so Multimedia in an MDI environment for Java is now possible.

Currently it supports Windows XP and Vista with support for Linux and the Mac in the future as funding permits.

The download with instructions page is:

The MyUniportal home page is:

Tony Anecito
Founder, MyUniPortal

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Joined: 2003-07-17

Hi Tony,

To have a look at your project, I followed the installation instructions (via the webstart button on your download page).

After playing with it for a while I exited from MyUniPortal.

Later I found that there were numerous instances of javaws.exe left active in my system (Windows task manager: processes) and that CPU was used even after I closed all my own applications.

When I restarted my machine I noticed a lot of flickering of the MyUniPortal shortcut on my desktop, so I suspect that those javaws.exe instances have something to do with your application.

I don't see MyUniPortal in the Add or Remove programs folder from the Control Panel.

What is the best way to uninstall MyUniPortal?

My System: Windows XP SP2 java 6 (update 7)