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Problems with JAD file: getAppProperty

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I'm using a precompiled version of phoneME Feature which I downloaded from Davy's site:

phoneME Feature - CLDC rev13352 (zip) (cab)
phoneME Feature - MIDP rev13352 (zip) (cab)

This is on a Samsung i600 running WM5.

In my application I'm trying to extract some information from the jad file using 'getAppProperty', but it doesn't work (null is returned for both properties I'm looking for) ! Of course I have tested it using the Sun simulator and there it works fine.

The shortcut on the mobile is:

255#"\My Documents\Java\midp\bin\arm\runMidlet.exe" -classpathext "\Java\iApproveM.jar" "\Java\iApproveM.jad" com.Keytree.iApproveM.iApproveM

(it took me a while to realise that you need a fully qualified midlet name !)

Can anyone shed any light ?



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I can confirm your report. I solved a similar issue for the pMEA dual stack,
but it now it appears a fix is needed for the pMEF implementation too.