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Need help for login application

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Joined: 2008-08-24

Hi, I'm new using ME and I had problems to develop a login aplication, i look for the class, but I didn't find it. Anyone hear can help me?

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Joined: 2003-06-15

What class? Login application? login to what?
We can't help if you don't explain what it is EXACTLY you are looking for.

I would recommend you pick up one of Jonathan Knudsen's books
Wireless Java - developing with Java 2 Micro Edition
or his latest
Kicking Butt with MIDP and MSA

Do some reading, pick up the lingo, and see if ME can do what you want in the first place.
ME is a very tricky environment, and not a good place for newbies to the Java language.
Starting out with some JavaSE is a must before taking the dive into the MicroEdition.

Here is a link to other JavaME resources that can help you get started.