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Tutorial translation: buttons and images

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While translating some of the tutorials I find the need to edit some of the images to translate the texts that appear in them. While taking new screenshots of running examples is not so difficult (I usually translate the code and recompile the application) there are some buttons that have to be retouched by hand.
My question is: Should I use the same font as the original?
And, if so, how do I find out which font (TrueType TTF) is used?
My personal opinion is that a simple "sans serif" font is adequate for images like the ones on this page: where content is more important than design, but other images have some kind of "Corporate Look" that I think should remain, eg: the "Really Big Index" button on top of the right column here:
Right now I'm using the "Liberation" ( font family which is open-source (GPL) and works quite nicely.
Thanks for you input,

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Hi Lucas,

We don't really care that much about the font -- a Sans Serif font is fine.

Thanks for asking.