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how to deploy the phoneME application on WindowsMobile?

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if i compile phoneME by "phoneME Feature MR3 Getting Started Guide " on windows xp, and write a gui application, but how to deploy the application to windows mobile and run it. thanks all.

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Joined: 2008-08-21


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Assuming you are running phoneME Feature on Windows Mobile,
you can start runMidlet.exe and use the MVMManager application manager
to download and install the midlet. You only need to provide a link to the
website that hosts the jad and jar file of your midlet.

Another approach is to copy the jar and jad file to your device and
create a startup script like this:

255#"\phoneme\midp\bin\arm\runMidlet.exe" -classpathext "\midlets\App.jar" "\midlets\App.jad" MyApp

You will need to modify the paths to runMidlet.exe, the jar and the jad file.