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This is just an idea that I'd hope to hear comments on from the GRIN designers..

Would it be feasible to create an alternative syntax/parser, that allowed the designer to build screens in an XML or HTML like (declarative & layout) syntax? This might range from very basic HTML 4 syntax (images, embedded event-handler declarations), to XML + XSL, possibly separate SMIL for animations. I suspect technology anywhere in that range would be more familiar to a large audience, requiring less time learning the current syntax.

The grin compiler of course should still translate into the current animation engine's binary syntax, and the existing syntax remain as an input option.

It appears that for some things, it would allow for much more compact and readable syntax, for example with scene-buttons in the bookmenu example, I counted about 10 declarative-fragments (not including active-button states) for each button; using a html like syntax, once could imagine just one or several declaration per visual Component..


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Actually, GRIN XML syntax support is being developed. We expect to check-in code changes for this in near future. To set proper expectations, let me add this - XML schema being considered is *not* a subset of some standard format like HTML, SMIL etc. It'd would be more or less XML encoding of GRIN text format with some changes. Once we get there, we may use XSLT to convert various subsets of popular media XML formats to GRIN XML syntax.