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Web Service: Axis2 Client/JDeveloper Service

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I have the following situation:
I have a service created in JDeveloper with authentication, however I have to create a client to call this service in axis2, but I do not know how?

We have tried in various ways but I can not, someone can help me?

I have a client developed in Jdev and that works properly is as follows:

wc12teste.proxy.WC12PortClient myPort = new wc12teste.proxy.WC12PortClient ();

myPort.setEndpoint ( "http://localhost:8080/services/WCTeste");
System.out.println ( "calling" myPort.getEndpoint + ());

myPort.setUsername ( "XXX");
myPort.setPassword ( "XXXXXXXX");

InputData input = new InputData ();

input.setNomeCompleto ( "JOAQUIM");
input.setCodigoEntidade ( "XXXXXXX");

System.out.println (myPort.process (input));

However in Axis2, i cant develop a client to implement authentication. the service return always "Invalid username and password"


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Joined: 2008-08-26

i think problem with your userid and password check that they are valid are not.....
or u have any authentication in the service like session or digital signature to send in the soap header.........check in ur service with ur urserid and password are valid, use webservice testing tool

for example in eclipse go to Run---> Lauch the webservices explorer, input your wsdl url link and check your userid and password are valid.....