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Replacing Quick Start Wizard

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Joined: 2004-12-13

There is discussion of replacing the QSW with something less complex and less defective (for some use cases).

Please send us a note here if you like the QSW and see value in keeping it around.

Been thinking about it in the back of my mind. I like the idea of the Welcome screen to replace the QSW. Similar to that which you see in Netbeans. It might be a tab that appears just as an exec tool might appear, but as a tab, it might have to be a com.sun.javatest.tool.Tool.

When designing it, I would be most concerned with:
When does it appear? Always? Does it go to the background if the user told JT to load a particular test suite or workdir. If a previous desktop is restored, where does the Welcome tab go? And the primary use case is that when the user starts JT with no workdir or test suite, there is no previous desktop file and the test suite being used cannot be automatically determined.

I would ask that the Welcome screen a prominent sentence to guide users who end up there without a test suite open. It should hint them that the file menu has the critical operations - to open a test suite or a workdir. It should also point them to the online help system.

For the rest of the Welcome screen content, use your imagination, but lets first spend time making the use cases work, rather than filling the Welcome screen.