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More problems with animation...ARGH!

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Joined: 2008-07-29

Okay, here's the problem...
I'm trying to animate multiple objects. These objects are "loaded" using for and some array or vector where they are stored. like this...
var vec = [obj1,obj2,obj3];

for (i in vec) i}
(more or less...)

The application starts normally and all objects are painted in the canvas or stage.
The problem is that, during the application, when I change the vector, the changes don't take effect in the canvas.
Same problem happens when you use the vector to translation coordinates.
I'd like the objects the change from position when I change the vector

When using NetBeans 6.0.1 this wasn't a problem. It worked perfectly, when the vector changed, things moved.
Now I'm using NetBeans 6.1(changed because I didn't find the animation packages in 6.0)

Any suggestion? Thanks

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Joined: 2007-07-12

Try to use a [b]bind[/b] operator:

content:Canvas{ content: bind for (i in vec) i}