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Again BlackBerry Useability

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Use UIManager.getInstance().getLookAndFeel().setReverseSoftButtons(true)
to switch the side of the Menu.
If you are not happy with the q/w, o/p mapping you can use
Display.getInstance().setSoftkeyCodes(int left, int right, int clear,
int back) to override the default keys.


Christian Knappe wrote:
> Hello,
> the problem i have is discussed some times in the mailinglist. The mapping
> of softkeys to q/w an o/p is not good for common BlackBerry-users. They have
> to change the usage only for one application.
> Isn't their a way do something like this.
> 1. put the LWUIT-Menu to the left side button and the exit to the right
> (some option on Form could be set)
> 2. then map the left button to the LWUIT-Menu on the left (because
> BB-MenuButton is on the left side)
> 3. and map the right button (now "exit") to BB-BackButton which is on the
> right next to the BB-TrackBall
> At the point i am now it is possible for me to get all key events from the
> BB by using net.rim.device.api.ui.UiApplication.getUiApplication() and
> handle all events by implementing the KeyListener Interface. But when i do
> so, LWUIT does not react on events anymore. Moreover i am not able to show
> the Menu.
> Can someone give me a help?
> Thank you...
> Christian
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