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Read from Socket service from SBB

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I need to talk to an external TCP service from my SBB. Can I directly do this using Java socket? As I read SLEE always encourage to use Resouce adaptor to read/write from an external entity.
What is your recomendation? Really appriciate your comments.


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Joined: 2008-08-18

Thanks. got your point.
SBB should communicate wit RA via ACI for both read and write operations.

In my case I need to send few text parameters over TCP to the socket service.
Do I need to write my own RA for this or is there any TCP implementaion available?

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Best choice would be a RA that maintains a tcp connection pool but probably it's better for you to start with the SLEE application code creating a socket and sending the data, and once this is working as you want go for the RA, which is an optimization.

I'm assuming you will not have events or use for activities on the RA.

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Resource Adaptor is the right approach. some thing like writing to socket can be time consuming and SBB's are not meant for time consuming operations. RA will give you flexibility to communicate the data in asynchronous way.