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JDIC and session

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Hi all,

I'm trying to integrate Apache HttpClient and JDIC. The idea is to login using HttpClient and after that use the session to navigate in the site using JDIC 0.9.5.

I already did the first part, and used HttpClient successfully. Besides, I could access a protected page using URL + jsessionid in JDIC.

The problem is that I could not navigate through the site, because the session is lost someway. How can I use the same HttpClient session? Via cookie? Anybody has a working code?

I've tried this link unsuccessfully:

Please help me!



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Joined: 2007-01-10

Network layer is not currently supported in JDIC/JDICplus. That means that all HTTP traffic supported by IE or other embedded browser without any connection with Java.You cannot control the session while data exchange.
Potentially that problem could be solved in future JDICplus versions by using IBindHost interface.