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JXTable and PatternFilter/FilterPipeline

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Hi all,

I've built a JXTable with a few rows of text. I use a text field to capture some text which is used to filter out non-matching rows.

Given the following initial, unfiltered table data:

"abc", "def", "ghi"
"jkl", "abc", "mno"
"pqr", "mno", "stu"

and using some code like this:

PatternFilter patternFilter = new PatternFilter();
patternFilter.setPattern( "abc", 0 );
table.setFilters( new FilterPipeline( patternFilter ) );

I should only see the first two rows right?

Nope...I only see the first row. Shouldn't the pattern match work over the whole table?

I can post a the test code here if that would help.

Thanks in advance,


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Thanks very much for this thread. It helped me past this very issue since I'm constrained to use Java 1.5.x and swingx JXTable. Here is the code I ended up with and it works as intended.

package com.mysite;

import org.jdesktop.swingx.decorator.PatternFilter;

// Customized class to apply pattern filter to all columns instead of just one
public class PatternFilterAllColumns extends PatternFilter {

    private int numColumns;

    public PatternFilterAllColumns (String searchText, int matchFlags, int numColumnsInput ) {
        super(searchText, matchFlags, 0 ); // Doesn't matter which column number is used here since the test method below loops through all columns
        numColumns = numColumnsInput;
        if( numColumns < 1 ) throw new IllegalArgumentException( "Number of columns must be >= 1." );

    // Override the test method to loop through all the columns looking for this text in each cell of this row
    //    This snippet comes from the Sun code for this class
    //    $Id:,v 1.10 2007/03/16 21:38:06 rbair
    public boolean test(int row) {

        // TODO: PENDING: wrong false?
        // null pattern should be treated the same as null searchString
        // which is open
        // !testable should be clarified to mean "ignore" when filtering
        if (pattern == null) {
            return false;

        // ask the adapter if the column should be includes
        if (!adapter.isTestable(getColumnIndex())) {
            return false;

        // Loop through all columns looking for a match
        //   Stop when a match is found or the last column is tested
        Object value;
        for (int whichColumn=0; whichColumn<numColumns; whichColumn++) {
            value = getInputValue(row, whichColumn);
            if (value != null) {
                if (pattern.matcher(value.toString()).find()) return true;

        return false;  // match found during loop

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I am really missing an another abstract class for filtering - a descendant of Filter which would include most of working code from PatternFilter. Only test method should be abstract and used.
I use PatternFilter for filtering dates, because I am too lazy to write another class which should be included in the library. I am aware of it's not clean at all.


by default, PatternFilter can test only one column. You have to
implement handling multiple columns yourself (SwingX sorting/filtering
is no longer evolved) - I think, you can find some code in the forum
and/or incubator.


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Joined: 2004-10-10

Thanks...I realised what I'd done wrong and so rolled my own.

FWIW, the code is below...

private class PatternFilterAcrossAllColumns extends PatternFilter
private int m_numberOfColumns = -1;

public PatternFilterAcrossAllColumns( String searchText, int matchFlags, int numberOfColumns )
super( searchText, matchFlags, 0 ); // Default to first column for ease.

if( numberOfColumns < 0 ) throw new IllegalArgumentException( "Number of columns cannot be negative." );

m_numberOfColumns = numberOfColumns;

public boolean test( int row )
Pattern thePattern = getPattern();
if( thePattern == null ) return false;

for( int i = 0; i < m_numberOfColumns; i++ )
String text = getInputString( row, i );
if( text == null || text.length() == 0 )

if( thePattern.matcher( ".*" + text + ".*" ).find() )
return true;

return false;

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bernmeister, you da man!

saved myself some brain power because your code snippet works perfectly.


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You've configured the filter to only check column 0.