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Sending SMS to mobile from PC

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I am developing a sample program which can able to send sms to mobile from PC. I heard that
1.we can send by AT commands.
2. by using bluetooth
3. By using web through smsc.
I tried a lot, but didn't find a working one.Can anybody help me in finding good source or guide me how can i do that, in any of the ways.

Thank you in advance.

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Hi psri1248,

If you look through the Mobile&Embedded forums for SMS you will find links to code to do #3.

I have heard that using AT commands works, but this is a serial bi-directional communication and tends to be complicated.

I have not heard of using bluetooth to send SMS, I have heard of using bluetooth to setup communications between devices and sending Datagrams or sockets over it.

If you are looking to just send text messages there are many SMSC you can use, however if you are wanting to do pushregistry then OpenMarket (formerly SimpleWire) and (my favorite) ClickATel are the ones I know to work.