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JSR179 on HTC Touch Diamond

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I found out, that the HTC Touch Diamond and Touch Pro have Java installed but are not shipped with an implementation of the Location API. These devices run with Windows Mobile 6.1 and have an interal GPS. Is there any chance to get access to the positioning data from J2ME? We have an application using the Location API and running fine on Nokia N95 and now we want to port and test it on other brands.

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Hi mboehmer,

Doesn't look like you are going to have much luck with that. Google had to make a WinMo version of maps it seems to get access to the GPS stuff. Since the JVM is the Esmertec's vm I am not overly familiar with it. But I don't think it supports CDC, which is what you would need to get access to the JNI layer to go native. I read on one post that they stated that JSR179 was not supported.

Things you might try. See if the PIM API is supported, and then see if they write the GPS information to a file that you can read.
Write a small native app that can read the GPS, and writes it to a socket, and which can be started by sending a message on a socket, (kind of like a pushregistry launcher for JavaME).

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