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grinviewer parse error question

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First I apologize if I am missing some knowledge here, I could not find 'grinviewer' in the forum.

My first attempt to run the tool with:
java -jar grinviewer.jar -asset_dir D:\dev\bdj\hdcookbook\grin\build\xlets\menuassets menu.txt

yielded this output: command expected, BOOK:PlayVideo seen on line 1333 of menu.txt
Error trying to parse menu.txt
URL: file:/D:/dev/bdj/hdcookbook/grin/build/xlets/menuassets/menu.txt

I wonder if someone can describe what this means at a syntactical level. The line number will show that I'm indded using a modified version of the SVN menu.txt, however the cited block's content is identical to the SVN one. And my meneu.txt does compile and run on a player.

Also the orig/SVN version generates:
Unrecognized feature "modifier" on line 1500 of menu.txt

By the way, what formal standard/syntax are the show/text files in? I'd like to study and learn to use this.


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Grin's general info and design doc can be found at

If you want to see menu.txt running in grinviewer, you can do:

cd /xlets/hdcookbook_discimage
ant -f run_grin_menu.xml

BOOK:PlayVideo is a custom command, and the error means that grinviewer doesn't know how to handle this custom command. One needs to provide an extension parser in the classpath, that knows how to handle this type. This custom command is an example of how you can extend grin by adding functionality that's not a part of the build-ins.