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A header representing a Message Addressing Property is not valid and the message cannot be processed

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Joined: 2004-06-01

As per WS-I BP 1.2(, the request is not correct.
The client must have used "" value for SOAPAction HTTP header

But I agree that JAX-WS should be relaxing some rules while accepting the messages generated by other stacks.

I might have found a problem in the related code that does this validation.
Is it possible to attach the wsdl:binding portion for the corresponding operation just to confirm my suspicion

Joined: 2004-06-01

My suspicion was wrong, there is no bug in RI. Its just validating the SOAPAction HTTP header as per WS-I BP conformance rules. Clearly the other stack sending the message is not sending it right, it should have sent "".

I relaxed this valdiation to accept such messages. This is fixed as

Paul Wickstrom


Glen Mazza

Paul Wickstrom wrote:
> Cross-posting to

It may be better to just refer the original poster to our forum
( to ask his/her question here.

There isn't much point in cross-posting if the original poster isn't
watching this list for answers.


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