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JavaFX and Video Capture

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Is JavaFX 1.0 going to support video capture?


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JMyron is a lovely project, developed by a single student here in NYC. I don't think you're entirely right about the way that it handles capture, however. It uses native capture, as far as I know, only on Windows. Elsewhere it has the same constraints as other environments.

Also, JMyron uses JNI. Capture, it seems to me, is by definition going to rely on native libraries. That's the case in Flash and other environments, as well. It's not "just use C++", it's "you have to use what's native on the platform."

That's not to argue that Sun shouldn't roll capture capability and native support into their APIs, as Adobe does with Flash; I think they should. I would be equally pleased to see capture show up -- and say, hey, make some noise so Sun's team is aware this is a priority. At the same time, I don't think it's fair to assume at this point what will or won't be in JavaFX, given that it's still in an early state.

But in the meantime, there are projects to do capture on Linux, Mac (via QTKit rather than QTJ) and Windows.

Mostly, it seems we just need an answer on JavaFX. If Sun *isn't* going to do it, we need an open source effort. If they are, then, obviously, we just need to test and support and extend whatever they're building.


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It's not listed in "Upcoming features of JavaFX" on the website. There is a Sun PDF somewhere that claims that video capture will be supported, but that's probably not an official statement. I used something called JMyron (no audio). It crashes operating systems, but it's the easiest API to work with. Quicktime for Java is EOL.

As I write on my website, Sun's RIA strategy is basically “just use C++”. Sorry if I sound negative, but the reality is that Sun's current offering is ignoring all the hard problems.

You can't build Youtube in JavaFX.
You can't build Skype in JavaFX.
You can't build Qik in JavaFX.

Joined: 2004-01-09

And if you don't believe me when I say "just use C++", then read this.