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Jmaki yahoo data table doesn't come after ajax call

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I have this problem with Rails application in which I am populating Jmaki sortable yahoo data table by values from database. When I search the jamki table by using observe_field. It displays the table entries if I call them simply using @, but jmaki table is not re-initialized.

Any pointers???


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Joined: 2008-02-12

Why its been designed to not to be reloaded after ajax call?
I tried jmaki.load(id, name, value)
still not refreshed.

Joined: 2003-07-31

Could you send me more of the JS code where you are seeing the issue?

The properties passed in matter a and I suspect that might be the problem. It is always helpful to look at the view source on your browser to see how jMaki passes them in a runtime.


Joined: 2008-02-12

This is the code which I am using right now:

uud : "table",
name : "jmaki_table",
value : {columns :
{ label : 'Event name', id : 'eventname'},
{ label :'Loaction', id : 'location'},
{ label : 'Event Type', id : 'eventtype'},
{ label : 'Tech Lead', id : 'techlead'},
{ label : 'Manager', id : 'manager'},
{ label : 'Status', id : 'status'},
{ label : 'Created At', id : 'createdat'},
{ label : 'Updated At', id : 'updatedat'}
rows :table_data


I am putting values into table_data like this:

@table_data = []
for event1 in @events

@table_data << {

In ruby I am populating the rows with @table_data in Jmaki.

Please tell me where I am doing wrong?

Thanks very much!