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about wince evc mr3

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Joined: 2006-05-05

The document about building phoneme feature mr3 is only for win32 and linux. And the document for buiding on wince arm is only the version mr2. How to start a build on wince using evc of mr3 then? How to change the configuration or parameters from the version for win32? Did some try this?

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Joined: 2007-01-03

Building pMEF on WinCE platforms is not officially supported by Sun. Compiling pMEF for
Windows Mobile is possible, but it is not straightforward. I had to tweak the file/dir PCSL
implementation (based on an old pcsl wince branch). CLDC should compile just fine. The MIDP
part is a bit troublesome. I mainly had to modify runMidlet_md.c and change
winceapp_export.cpp a bit.

You can download the patches here:

Even after applying the patches the build process breaks. Resource files do not get compiled,
libraries aren't linked, etc. etc. I do not know why this happens, because when I manually carry
out the same steps, I do not get these errors. It is probably a problem with some of the build
configuration files. After the manual interventions, the build process succeeds.