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server.log very 'chatty' with DEBUG

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Joined: 2008-04-18

In the server.log of my Glassfish domain, a lot of DEBUG messages appear (as below). I've checked the domain.xml and admin console, and all settings are set at INFO level. Is there somewhere else to check? (There are struts applications deployed, but I can;t find any DEBUG levels there too)

ad-12;|DEBUG [pool-1-thread-12] ( - [ObjectCreateRule]{struts-config/form-beans/form-bean/form-prop
erty}New org.apache.struts.config.FormPropertyConfig

ad-12;|DEBUG [pool-1-thread-12] ( - Fire begin() for SetPropertiesRule[]

ad-12;|DEBUG [pool-1-thread-12] ( - [SetPropertiesRule]{struts-config/form-beans/form-bean/form-pr
operty} Setting property 'name' to 'reqCode'

ad-12;|DEBUG [pool-1-thread-12] ( - [SetPropertiesRule]{struts-config/form-beans/form-bean/form-pr
operty} Setting property 'type' to 'java.lang.String'

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Joined: 2005-04-04

stream.out is usually means capturing System.out.println calls. If this is the case here, DEBUG is the beginning of that string.


Joined: 2003-06-13

Also, if something is using commons.logging redirected through java.util.logging, it puts log4j DEBUG statement in to the INFO category in java.util.logging, rather than using the FINE family.

So, it may be that.

But, no matter, it sounds like a component within the application, not necessarily GF itself.

Joined: 2003-09-03

it looks like the messages are beiing logged at the INFO level. you may need to increase the logging level for the web container to some level like warning or severe. It may be som eother component, though. this is just a guess at this point.