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Dojo dnd firefox 3 bugs

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I hava written a test for dojo dnd(when I drag item to another container,I use dwr to do something for the item in the server side),it works well in IE and firefox 2,but in firefox 3,when I drag an item,there is a Tail after the item ,after I drop the item in another container, the tail is still in the page(something like some delays in onmouseover).Is it dojo bug or firefox 3 bug?When I delete the dwr method for the item,It works well in firefox 3.So I can not use dwr when I drag?Or just a bug in firefox 3?
How to resolve it?
In the dnd container,I hava override the "creator" using container_creator_staticSubmenu:
return container_creator_staticSubmenu(item);

in container_creator_staticSubmenu, I have used dwr to get some information ,like below:

var container_creator_staticSubmenu = function(item) {
var node;
SubmenuUtilsController.getPageMakerInfoAndNotSave(item, function(data2) {
node = dojo.doc.createElement("span");
node.innerHTML = "" + data2.title + "
"; = dojo.dnd.getUniqueId();
return {node: node, data: item};

If I delete the dwr function,it works well in firefox 3(no tails).But why it always works well in firefox 2 and IE(include dwr function).
It's dojo or firefox 3'bug?How to resolve?

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Joined: 2003-07-31

Hi Human,

This forum is focused on jMaki related issues and your question would be better addressed in the Dojo Bug Tracing forums which can be found at:

I am sure they will be very interested in fixing this.