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Setting x and y attributes on swing components in ComponentView

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I'm just learning JavaFX and I have a script with the following structure:

<br />
Frame {<br />
   stage: Stage {<br />
      content:<br />
         [Group {<br />
            //nodes<br />
<p>          Group {<br />
             content: ComponentView {<br />
                             component: TextField { x:10 y:75 ... }<br />
                         }<br />
         }<br />
        ]<br />
     }<br />
}<br />

The nodes in the first group are regular node elements (rectangles and a text node) and have x and y attributes for them. I'm trying to set the x and y attributes for the swing element (which I'm adding by using componentview), but it still shows up at the top left of the frame. I even tried adding it as part of the other group and that doesn't work either. Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

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Use the transform attribute of ComponentView class:

Frame {
width: 200
height: 300
stage: Stage {
content: [Group {
},Group {
content: ComponentView {
transform: Translate{ x: 10 y: 75}
component: TextField { text: "Press Me!"}
visible: true

Joined: 2008-08-08

Thanks alexsch! That worked perfectly.