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Creating netPeerGroup with JXME CDC proxyless

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Joined: 2007-06-12

Hi all,

in JXME 2.5 there is no NetPeerGroupFactory class, thus we cannot instantiate the NetPeerGroup with

NetPeerGroupFactory factory = new NetPeerGroupFactory(config.getPlatformConfig(), instanceHome.toURI());
netPeerGroup = factory.getInterface();

Instead of this, we have to do the following:

netPeerGroup = PeerGroupFactory.newNetPeerGroup();

but unfortunately this triggers a ConfigurationFactory instance, which has embedded in its constructor the references to public JXTA rdvs (which could be an undesired behavior, and in general it is an overcoming of the configuration created with the NetworkManager class).

I would like to ask JXME developers why they did not implement NetPeerGroupFactory, and if would be a desirable feature to add.


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Joined: 2007-11-06

It exists in the MIDP2 version, have you tried to copy it to the CDC version?
The package in MIDP2 is net.jxta.peergroup