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The support of WAP's WAE in J2ME

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We all know that J2ME application can't access the phone book, sms. It can't detect voice call either. It can't do things like hold current call and make conference call. But by using technology such as WML and WMLScript all these things can be done easily. Under the surface WML and WMLScript use WAP technology ie. WAP Application Environment to do these things.

If we view J2ME application as a WAP application just like mobile browser today. Then any J2ME application can access these advanced function now. Nowadays many mobile phone support WML+WMLScript+WTA(telephony). By using this way we can extend the capability of J2ME to a new level without damaging the security policy. As the mobile browser can do these under the system security policy.

My question is that is it possible to let J2ME application use WAP technology such as WTA? If not why?

What about the JavaFX mobile? Will it provide the ability to do things just lkie WAP's WAE or Google's Android?

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WML and WAP stuff is only possible in native apps that have access to the telephony services.
In MSA, and MIDP3, many of these features will be allowed.

Now as for PhoneBook, and SMS, yes JavaME (MIDP2.0 + JSR-75 + JSR 180) can actually use these, or much of it anyway.

JavaME can not get to WTA, as this is a Native API, and JavaME can not access Native methods, that is for MIDP level apps. For CDC, and PBP supported phones WTA should be able to be used today. (there are very few CDC type phones)

WML and WAP also have so many different variations like HTML on the Desktop that the incompatibilities between WAP platforms is also there, not to mention that WAP/WML support has been dwindling in favor of XHTML/HTML support.

JavaFX for mobile... aren't we getting a bit ahead of ourselves. ;) Since Java FX for the desktop came out over a year ago and still does not have a license that can be used in a production setting, and the mobile version is not to see the light of day until sometime in Spring of 2009 as a preview in (I'm assuming) the WTK for emulation only, and that it takes at least 1 to 2 years for the phone manufactures to get new devices, and another year for operators to bring them to market.... Well heck that's past the end of the Maya Calendar. :)
I see Android eclipsing JavaME unless some steps are taken by Sun to help support ME more and make it cheap and easy to be a developer and make money writing applications as Apple has done with the iPhone.

As for JavaFX mobile running on MIDP2.0... well if it does then there will be no support for these things. If it depends on MIDP3.0 then we can wait another 3 years to see it.

However JavaME has a few extremely large advantages over WAP/WML.... Persistence and Off-line support. With these you can use your ME app to take information and send it off at a later time, or not need communication support whatsoever.

With all the Spammers, Black-Hat hackers, script Kiddies, and other jerks I understand the JavaME security policy and why it is soooooooo tight. It's easier to drop it a little bit as it makes sense and as we under the needs and protections. Once the genies out of the bottle, well you can't very well get them back in.