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JDIC on Mac - WebkitBrowser needs

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I'm trying to port an application using JDIC Browser class to Mac. I am trying to build on a PC, ready to try it on someone else's Mac, but it appears that a class using WebKitBrowser will not compile without being available. I have failed to find anywhere offering a jarfile download of this package - possibly I am using the wrong words in my search? Anyone know how I can get hold of this? Do I need to build it into my application, like say log4j, or is it part of the standard jre on the Mac?

Or is this totally the wrong approach?


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Joined: 2008-08-02

OK, for the record I can now answer my own question.

Registered with the Apple Developer site

Downloaded Java for Mac OS X 10.4 from

This is a dmg file. I converted it to iso using dmgextractor

I then followed the 2nd and 3rd stages of the excellent instructions at (I had problems with dmg2iso, used dmgextractor instead for stage1).

I now had a file called Archive.pax.gz which I had to unzip twice (double wrapped for freshness?). First unpack produced Archive.pax, second produced a totally unpacked directory tree containing

..\System\Library\Frameworks\JavaVM.framework\Versions\1.5.0\Classes\ui.jar which is the file I required.