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[v3] Update: Next Release is Prelude

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The GlassFish development team has been heads-down in the development of
next version v3 and even though a lot of information is available on the
the GlassFish wiki, we have not sent any information to the users
mailing list. So, here it goes ...

The next release of GlassFish is going to be built on OSGi platform and
and here are the key features --

* An open, modular, extensible platform
* A fast, easy, reliable application server
* An enterprise-ready application server with massive scalability
and sophisticated administration
* Product updates and add-ons through the industry-strength Update
Center 2.0
* Support for OSGi
* Support for dynamic languages such as Ruby and Groovy
* Support for Java EE 6

You can find more at

As many of you would remember, we did a technology preview release for
JavaOne this year. As a next step we are working on a release called
Prelude. This will include Java EE 5 based web tier, JDBC and
persistence API on top of the new modular kernel of GlassFish. In
addition, through update center the users will be obtain new Java EE 6
APIs and containers (for example, EJB 3.1 and JAX-RS 1.0).

More information on the contents of the release and the schedule is
available here
As always, this is work in progress, so things may change :-)

We are working on a new download page for early promoted builds of
GlassFish v3 Prelude release and we will link it from the main glassfish
community page .

Abhijit Kumar
Engineering Manager,
GlassFish v3