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Q : Good transition between forms ?

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Hi guys....

i have 5 forms and i want to make it easier to read, so did this :


public class Mobbuzz extends MIDlet {

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Shai Almog

Look at the design of the LWUIT demo for something similar. We
generally "pass" along the back command which might as well be the
exit command too.
If you implement the exit command in your MIDlet it is not a problem
to pass it along to the other forms.

Because of the MIDlet API's requirements I find that many developers
make a public static MIDlet instance. This is OK in general but might
be a hurdle when you want to port your MIDlet to additional platforms.

> when i want to make a new form i create new class (Inbox, Outbox...)
> and in that class i make form and it's components. i use showPage()
> method to call the form.
> my questions is ?
> is this a good code to implement ? i cant's call the
> destroyApp method to exit becouse i directly open the inbox form when
> the application start.
> thnx u very much....^_^v
> dwi ardi irawan - 'penyihirkecil'

Shai Almog