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download and include font into VFS and load it into the app (problem)

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Hello all,

i've got a problem. I download a new font (lets say 00002.otf) and the matching dvb.fontindex (where the entry "TEST" points to the 00002.otf) and integrate both into the vfs (into /BDMV/AUXDATA/) Now i want to load the font into my app by using the FontFactory method createFont("TEST", Font.PLAIN,25);
The thing is when i burn font and fontindex file onto the disc, the createFont method succeeds, but downloading and loading the font doesn't work.
What am i doing wrong?


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Joined: 2006-11-08

Hi Jan,

Does createFont() start working when you restart the disc after doing a VFS update?
It sounds like a player bug to me...