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Upgrades on Vista

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Joined: 2007-11-07

I've been running the Java 6u10 builds for a while and I've been wondering what the upgrade experience is going to be like post update 10.

Updates have not been turned on for new builds which makes the experience quite difficult to evaluate. At the same time, I'm worried about what the upgrade experience on Vista will be. I know that the new upgrade mechanism uses binary patching and will remove old entries from the control panel which is definitely an improvement over the current process.

However, I'm worried about UAC, if the process is using MSI and binary patching, it seems that this is two of the three steps needed to perform an upgrade without a UAC prompt. It's indeed possible, using MSI/MSP technology, on the default security policy anyway, to perform upgrades without triggering a UAC prompt. Furthermore, using properly signed packages, it's possible for regular non-admin users to upgrade, again, without requiring administrative escalation.

I feel this would be invaluable for kiosk style applications where we actually work hard to make sure all our software can be upgraded without triggering a UAC prompt. There is some documentation available on MSDN about the process but a nice introductory video can be found on channel9 here: