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[semi-OT?] using @EJBs annotation?

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maybe utterly off topic here as not at all glassfish (but rather EJB-)
related: I am searching for a good understanding of how to use the EJB3
@EJBs annotation in a meaningful way, but so far failed to find usable
documentation on that. My simple understanding, reading what I found so far,
is to do something like this...

private ISomeBeanInterface[] beans;

to inject multiple beans implementing a given interface automatically. It's
not working, however, and I know this is due to my lack of knowledge how to
really use these annotations. Can anyone kick me the right direction, best
of all to some documentation on how to use this annotation correctly?

TIA and best regards, sorry again for the OT.

Kristian Rink
cell : +49 176 2447 2771
"we command the system. calling all recievers.
we are noisy people for a better living".
(covenant - "monochrome")

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