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I cannot compile a personal profile build with the current sources. I have the
following build problem for both linux and windows mobile:

Compiling build-time classes...
cannot resolve symbol
symbol : constructor EventDispatchThread
location: class java.awt.EventDispatchThread
dispatchThread = new EventDispatchThread(name, has not been modified for 19 months (it is at revision 351),
so I guess this change to is to blame:

Revision 12501 (previous one 351):

2008-07-17 10:00:52+0000 (10 days, 6 hours ago) by o_maticka

MERGE: merged changes from branch cdc-cr-6725488 (rev. 12436-12481). These
changes includes: java.awt.EventQueue, EventDispatchThread initialization
change, to suite needs for AGUI (JSR209) purposes SunToolkit - fix for
requiring image resources via URL with "file" protocol

The required changes to were only applied to the basis profile
version of, and should also be applied to the personal
profile version.

Please replace "new EventDispatchThread" with "EventDispatchThread.create"
in cdc/trunk/src/share/personal/classes/common/java/awt/

Diff in attach

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Hi Davy,

Thanks for finding this. Your fix has been committed.