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I wanted to play around with blu-ray development a bit, but I'm not sure exactly where to get started. I have looked at the hd cookbook project, but I am still pretty lost as to what I need to do.

Do I need a blu-ray burner to start with (I hope not), or can I get away with a simple dvd writer?

Initially, I would like to get a simple 'Hello World' type of app up and running, then move onto playing videos, and finally, playing a video off of the internet.

If there are any available, could someone point me to any tutorials or examples of ramping up with blu-ray development?


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Joined: 2008-07-04

Don't think you need a Blu-ray burner, as you can probably create a Blu-ray disc structure in a folder on your hard drive and use a software player to playback the image.

There are a couple of threads on this forum that could help you getting started, I think these are usefull:

(but there probably are more usefull starter threads on this forum).

Bill Foote

I'd recommend checking out the authoring guidelines
wiki, at
For getting started, the argicle about finding PC player software
should be helpful.

Also, not to self-promote or anything, but have you looked into
getting a copy of the book?



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Joined: 2006-01-27

Thanks for getting back to me.

In regards to getting the book, I want to first play around a bit, and if its something that I feel I have the time and resources to actually sit down and implement something fun, then I would definitely grab it.

Right now, I kinda just want to create a proof of concept. I suppose I can run everything off of my machine during development, but to get a real POC, I would like to eventually have it in distribution form (i.e. where I can pop the dvd into PS3). Thats one area where I was a bit confused; as to whether I needed an actual blu-ray burner.

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Whether you need a BD burner or not depends on whether or not you need to run your POC on a hardware BD player, such as PS/3.

You can't burn the BD structure to a standard DVD and expect hardware BD players to recognize it as a BD. In theory, there is supposed to be a way to use a DVD (and there are some discussions on this on this forum too) but I haven't heard any success story.

PC players require the same disc structure as the hardware players for a BD playback. So, your process will be to test your disc structure on your PC by reading it off directly from a hard disk, and once you're satisfied with it, burn that structure onto a BD using a BD burner and pop the resulting BD to a hardware player.

Hope it helps,