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WMA issues "Error thrown on line sms://port-number"

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Joined: 2008-07-25

Hello All!

I am facing a strange problem with my application built to receive SMS on a specific port.

Application seems to work brilliantly on Nokia E51, Motorola L7, Motorola L6 etc.
But when i try to run the application on Nokia 6086, I get error "Not allowed to open connection" right at line "sms://port_number".

I have checeked the device specifications from Nokia site and device supports JSR 120 and 205. Also i have checked that default network access permission set for the applciation on Nokia 6085 is "ask first time".

Any idea how can i fix this issue? Or atleast what is the reason for this strange behavior?

I'll appreciate a quick expert opinion from all of you.

Alam Sher