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An Update Center Module that modifies domain.xml

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We're developing a Glassfish Update Center module that modifies the
domain configuration (domain.xml file) by adding JMS topics, and
turning on Grizzly's comet support for the HTTP listener. Modifying
the domain.xml in this way necessitates a restart of Glassfish. The
problem we have at the moment is that there is a problem when running
Grizzly-enabled applications with HTTP Monitor. HTTP Monitor is a
plugin that is enabled by default when launching/running Glassfish
instances via NetBeans. I've logged the issue here:

We're looking for help with workarounds and suggestions for doing this

Can we dynamically detect when HTTP Monitor is running? It appears
that our module's Configurator runs before the server is launched and
that the configuration for the HTTP Monitor filter is injected into
the application after it's installed making this potentially tricky.

Should we modify the configuration in some other way (not the
domain.xml file) that would avoid the Grizzly/HTTP Monitor conflict?
I thought that maybe using the Glassfish AMX API might be an option
but, again, because the Configurator runs before the app server is
launched, it appears that AMX is unavailable.

Any suggestions or ideas are appreciated.